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When we run out of paper.... Draw on their edges!
Staying indoors during the pandemic is a shared experience for most of us- quarantining, stocking essentials, and running out of canvases to draw! With a lot of DIY (or perhaps more of R&D) at home we learnt news ways to reuse and recycle what we had with us for our non-essential needs.

Picking a book to read had been the beginning, when I had the urge to paint on it more than read at that time. It was refreshing and brought together my love for books and art. Especially, when you need a break from one, you have the other!

I hope to inspire you to pick up a book again, to indulge yourself, or to gift someone not just a book, but art to add that zing into life!

Every purchase you make and message you leave will be a step in my journey. :)

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